Monday, 20 March 2017

A Granny Cardigan?

I have never made a crochet garment but after seeing Fran Morgan's cute Granny Cardigan "A Good Vintage Cardigan" in the latest issue of Simply Crochet #54 I can't resist the temptation. It was actually an Instagram post by Sandra at Cherry Heart that captured my interest at first. She was also tempted to give this pattern a try, but had to many WiPs already on her hook... She reached out to her followers asking what they would do... Of course we all shouted: "DO IT!!!" and within seconds she got persuaded to start on this project from her followers...  And with that the Granny Cardigan fever started to spread in our Instagram feeds.

When I came home from vacation I instantly started to dig into my yarn stash to see if I could join in on all the fun. The pattern asks for 4 ply but I went for my much loved Ideal yarn from Bergere de France. It is a Sport Weight yarn, I would say it is like a very light DK, slightly lighter than the Stylecraft DK. I will be working on a 3,5 mm hook and I think it will be fine.

I am a sucker for blue and grey tones so naturally that is what I am going for. I vision myself wearing this cardigan at the summerhouse with shorts and a T-shirt on early mornings before the sun has warmed up the air or in the evenings when the sun is going down by the bay. I found pretty much what I was looking for in my stash and now the fun will start. I'll keep you posted on my progress. This is a challenge for me. It will be tons of fun though. I'm really excited about this. Are you making this Granny Cardigan too? I would love to know.

Note: I bought the digital version of this magazine and use the magazine app Zinio to read it.


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