Sunday, 26 March 2017

Isak's Bunting pattern coming on Monday, March 27th

Hi my lovelies. Just a note to let you know that Isak's Bunting pattern will be available in my Etsy and Ravelry shop on Monday, March 27th. I'm making listings for the bunting pattern separately as well as TOGETHER with Isak's Blanket, a 2 IN 1 pattern, calling it Isak's Collection at a discounted price. If you have already bought Isak's Blanket pattern, don't worry, you won't miss out. You will receive a personal email from me with a special deal. Watch your inbox. Hope you will enjoy.

I'm off to have my first cup of tea, hang some laundry, do my photography homework and join my last Intermediate Photography Class at Michelle Petersen's Photography. Later I will start to organize my studio (!!! It's REALLY about time...) and take a bike ride before the rain rolls in... If I'm lucky I might be able to squeeze in a muffin bake with Emmy Bo and treat myself a fresh home bake with my afternoon coffee. :)

I'm so pleased to hear you enjoy simple, small things in life too. When listing the small things I will do in my day, it actually sounds like pure bliss, doesn't it? And that is what it is - pure bliss!

What are you up to today? Any walks in the woods? Coffees with friends? Home projects? Crochet? I wish you a wonderful day full of simple things and a Happy Weekend!


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